We are BALI registered landscape gardeners

British Association of Landscape Industries

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) was established in 1972 to provide a voice for landscapers and most importantly, to raise standards throughout the industry.

Before becoming members, landscape contractors have to successfully pass a series of challenging tests to demonstrate their company is run to a significantly professional standard and the quality of their work is of the highest level.

Aims of BALI include:

  • To encourage high standards of quality, workmanship and service
  • To improve and maintain the standing of the landscape industry through the strength of corporate representation
  • To foster a greater awareness among professional bodies, public authorities and the public, by improved promotion of the industry
  • To encourage the placing of contracts by public authorities, developers and architects with BALI members by close liaison between such bodies and the association
  • To actively support a regional structure
  • To establish and maintain facilities for the regular exchange of information with manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and landscaping materials
  • To provide members with regular and up to date technical and trade information
  • To provide members with comprehensive landscaping advice

For more information, call
the landscaping experts on
0161 429 0600 and
visit the BALI website.